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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Reasons You Should Be Scrapbooking

need a new creative outlet? Do you have pictures of your children and your family just sitting around in various boxes, and plain old photo albums? Do you not have a lot of money to spend on hobbies? Perhaps scrapbooking is the right hobby for you. Five reasons that you should try scrapbooking are outlined here.

Do you wish you had a unique way to document your family's memories? Do you have beautiful pictures of your children that look plain sitting in a traditional picture frame? If you do, you should create a scrapbook. In fact, five reasons why you should at least give scrapbooking a try are outlined below.

1 Scrapbooking Is Easy

You've probably been to a craft show, and you've seen several crafts there, that just look too difficult for you to attempt. Scrapbooking is a craft, but it is not a difficult one. Creating a scrapbook is very easy to do. You may find that the hardest part is choosing which of your photos to use. You may very well choose to use them all, and create several scrapbooks.

To make a scrapbook, you purchase an album that is very much like a regular photo album. You'll mount your photos and other memorabilia on the blank pages inside. You can then use markers, stickers, colord paper, or other embellishments to turn those blank pages into something unique. It's that easy.

2 Scrapbooking Makes A Great Hobby

Many people find that scrapbooking is an addicting hobby. You may very well be the same way. You'll start creating a scrapbook, and you will not want to stop. As you get better and better at scrapbooking, you may well find yourself enjoying it more and more.

Scrapbooking is also a good hobby for children. Even young children, with some help, can make a scrapbook. If you enjoy making scrapbooks, you may want to involve your children as well. You can have them help you create your scrapbook, or let them start their own scrapbooks. Scrapbooking is a fun, safe, and creative activity for y

Most hobbies and crafts have some expense associated with them, some more than others. With woodworking for example, you can spend a lot of money on tools and lumber to build even a small piece of furniture. Scrapbooking, on the other hand, is extremely inexpensive. You can purchase scrapbooking supplies very cheaply from craft stores, from dollar stores, and from many online sources.

You don't have to start with a big scrapbooking kit. You can start small, and expand your scrapbooking kit after you've gotten some practice. You can find scrapbook albums at your local craft store for $5-$10. Some acid free glue and some markers will only set you back a few more dollars. You can then pick up some printed scrapbook sheets for less than a dollar, or you can make your own with construction paper.

4 Scrapbooking Options

The options available in scrapbooking are another good reason to get into this hobby. You may think that scrapbooking involves a lot of cutting and gluing. If you want to put together a traditional scrapbook, yes, this is true. You will need to do some cutting and gluing. In these modern times, however, you also have the option of creating a digital scrapbook.

You'll find several options for digital scrapbooking You can certainly create a scrapbook for your own personal use, to save pictures and memories that are important to you. You have many other options, however. If you're a new parent, you can use a scrapbook to document the life of your child, from birth through graduation and beyond. You can make scrapbooks to celebrate an wedding, graduation, anniversary, or many other occasions. A scrapbook would make a great gift to a couple for a landmark anniversary, such as the 25th or 50th.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

All About Baby Scrapbooking

we are given the choice to ignore or acknowledge it. The natural thing that we do is to instantly discard sad thoughts or events and we cling to happy and memorable events. If you are not the type that clings to everything even if it is good memories, then you have a serious problem. But if you are the type that sees the good things in simple events, for sure you keep something that will remind you of that specific event. We are fond of reliving our happy moments. This is natural for without it, we may not find meaning in everything. Keeping something no matter how stupid it may look is not a bad thing. In fact, it can help us emotionally and mentally. It will directly or indirectly affect us.

Happy moments should be remembered every once in a while. If you cling on to something for a long time is a different and unhealthy thing. Just use your memories and your recollection to inspire and motivate you when you feel down. Many people deal with good memories differently. There are others that keep their diaries and journals which are more personal; these people exert effort writing everything and hiding their diaries and journals. There are others that keep souvenirs in a box or drawer; seeing a thing from that box or drawer will surely bring back good memories. There are also other people who spend time making their scrapbooks. Scrapbooks are simply photo albums that somehow preserve the memories through photos. Indeed a picture paints a thousand words. If you want to consider scrapbooking a special event, let us say the coming of your baby, here are the things that you need:

1. Photos of course. This is easy because we are fond of taking pictures these days. Looking for pictures is as easy as 1 2 3. We have camera phones on handy if we want to take pictures of our little girl or guy.

2. You can also include memorabilia like ultrasounds, letters, baby shower invitation cards and the like. Generally, you are free to put anything as long as it is relevant. You can even put the first sock of your baby if you want.

3. Papers and adhesives. These papers will make each page beautiful; all you need is your creativity. There are many colourful papers out there with beautiful designs that you can choose. The good thing is they are not that expensive.

4. If you want you can put beads, icons, ribbons and other scrapbooking accessories. It will surely add life to your already alive scrapbooks.

5. More importantly you should secure your scrapbook or photo album. You can look for scrap books and photo albums on book stores; don't worry because they are not that expensive. The good thing is that you can make your own scrapbook. You can recycle your papers and make something out of it. Just look for something to bind them and voila you have your instant scrapbook.

Remembering an event will certainly inspire us. Reliving that special moment will surely make us happy especially if it is about our baby.