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Thursday, September 30, 2010

clipart article

here are many sites on the internet offering clip art for a price or for free. It is up to you to choose the right clip art for your site. The clip art that is available for free is usually clip art that will be used by many people. So if you use free clip art, there is a high possibility of some other site on the internet using the same clip art on the site. If you prefer to have something unique and special on your website, it is better for you to pay for the clip art you intend to use on your website.

Of course, just this clip art may not be sufficient for you to make your website interesting. It can form the base for your website designing needs, wherein you make some additions to make your website more interesting for the visitor. It is always better to choose clip art that has some relation to your product or business so that on looking at the clip art, people will have an idea of what you are trying to project. Take some time while choosing the appropriate clip art.

It is always better to choose clip art that is not too large. This is because large clip art takes a longer time to download and sometimes the visitor to your site will not have the patience to wait that long till the site downloads. You may lose instead of gain visitors with large clip art. Make sure that the colors of the clip art don't clash with the background and font color of your site. There is no point in placing clip art that clashes with your site, as its main intention and purpose will not be met. Sometimes the clip art will not be visible, wherein there is no point in placing clip art in the site.

On the contrary, placing clip art that is too bright or flashy too is not that good as this may draw the attention of the visitor to the clip art, and not on the information you have in your website. People may not read whatever you have in your website; so all your content and effort in creating this content will go down the drain! So if and when you do choose clip art, decide on the type of clip art you want, choose between a free and payment clip art and get clip art that matches with your site and content and not clashes with it.

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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

craft ideas and png clipart

Design a Set of Place Cards or Mini Gift Tags
It's easy to make your own small cards using any word processor like MS Word with free clip art. Simply create a 2-column table with row heights the size of your finished card. I usually make a table that covers most of a single page, then divide it into 2 rows. This gives me 4 place cards or mini gift cards that will fold in the middle to make a tent card or small folder.

Next, add clip art pictures to the lower half of each cell. (This is the front of the folded card.) You can create borders for each card using basic table properties, or import a pre-designed graphic frame and size it to fit inside the table cell. Be sure to leave a bit of space around the edge of each cell to cut the cards apart after printing.

If you want to add blocks of color, create those to size of just less than half the height of the cell and place them as a background to the area you want to color, then add text or graphics on top of the color block. Or, simply choose a background color for the table or cell to use. (In my sample, I used different color blocks to define the front and back of each card and two different colors for the cards on the sheet.)

You can copy the same design into all 4 cells, or design 4 different cards on a single sheet.In the lower half section of each card, add a guest name, or leave a space blank to write the name in later by hand.

Print, cut apart and enjoy your custom table cards!

Click here to view and print a template page of mini cards featuring this cute Easter egg / jelly bean design. Use as is, or as a guide to making your own designs!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

free high resolution graphics and clipart

Clip art is everywhere - and lots of the graphics your find are free for personal use. Free clip art is readily available on the Internet. If you're using it for your own clip art crafts projects - not to sell or collect and repackage - you can pick and choose from millions of delightful graphics in easy-to-view online collections.Some sites prohibit use of images without payment, permission or a license. Others may require registration or a link back to the site for you to use their images. Always read and be sure you understand the terms of service regarding any clip art or photos you find online.

Check out my Clip Art and Graphics Collections lens to find hundreds of free clip art web sites with high quality graphics you can download to use for crafts, desktop publishing and web pages or blogs. You'll also find resources and suggested reading to learn more about copyright.

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